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Learn how to make the switch to Apple computers and Mac OSX. Includes tricks and tips, websites and software to make the move.

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  • Infoworld: Switching by Choice - Article describing a PC user who is not faqs, help, and faqs, help, and tutorials tutorials impressed by the Apple Switch ads. He faqs, help, faqs, help, and tutorials and tutorials experimented with a Macintosh for a weekend, and faqs, faqs, help, and tutorials help, and tutorials was hooked.
  • SFGate.com - Why Does Windows Still Suck? - Columnist asks why PC users put up with switch so many viruses and worms after his companion switch got a DSL connection and then obtained a switch virus about 4 minutes after logging in.
  • Surf-Bits - Learn how to make the switch to Apple faqs, help, and switch tutorials computers and Mac OSX. Includes tricks and tips, faqs, help, switch and tutorials websites and software to make the move.
  • The Truth About Switching - "Here\\'s what it\\'s like to switch to a macintosh Mac, without macintosh all the jumping up and down macintosh and hysterics."
  • Switch Blog - Inspired by Apple\\'s Switch Campaign. Contains current news about the switch campaign, parodies, and tips for switchers.
  • ongoing - Unswitch? - Longtime Apple user explains how he\\'s had enough switch with Apple and some of its quirky software switch products.
  • Apple: Get a Mac - Top ten reasons to switch from a PC macintosh to a macintosh Mac, top ten questions, testimonials, press, macintosh guide to switching, and macintosh commercial ads from Apple macintosh Computers. Official page of Switch macintosh campaign.
  • A View From Home - Mac user takes up a PC (by necessity) and writes about experiences with each. She also reports on technology, non-profit management and life as a work-from-home Mom. Some comparisons are especially enlightening.
  • MacMentor - The user group for PC Switchers to the switch Mac.

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