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See Also:
  • Ultimate Apple eMac Upgrade Guide - Apple did not intend eMacs to be hacks easily upgraded hardware but this guide shows how the hacks average user can install hardware 1GB memory, latest hacks hard drive, DVD+-RW rewriter, span desktop hardware across two hacks screens and increase processor speed up to 167%.
  • G3head - Information about multiple hardware hacks for various models, as well as photos and system specifications of certain machines.
  • Applefritter Hacks - Provides desktop, laptop, and peripheral hack examples and instructions.
  • MacOpz: Build Your Own G4 - Article concentrates on constructing a macintosh G4 around the gigabit logic board.
  • The iMac Rack-Mount Project - Information about rack mounting an iMac, "do it hardware yourself" instructions available for purchase.

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