8-Bit Atari Systems

Home of 'XL Search' where you can search ftp sites for Atari 8-bit programs. Also has Atari games and utilities.

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  • Atari to PC Joystick Interface - Directions and schematics on how to build an Atari to PC joystick interface.
  • 8-bit ATARI Assembly Language - Assembly language tips and tricks.
  • Exploring the Arabic Atari 65 XE - Information about a rare prototype Atari computer that works in Arabic and English.
  • 8bit Party Forever - Multiplattform 8-bit demoscene party. Pure 8-bit atmosphere, yearly Atari 8-bit events.
  • Forem-XE Professional BBS - History and downloadable files for this BBS program.
  • New Breed Software - Home of \\'XL Search\\' where you can search 8-bit ftp sites systems for Atari 8-bit programs. Also has 8-bit Atari games and utilities.
  • Classic Computer Magazine Archive - Full text of classic computing magazines: Creative Computing, Compute!, Antic, atari STart, Hi-Res, Tandy Computer Whiz Kids, ROM, and others
  • Steve R's Classic Cartridge Page - Offering sale and trade of Atari (includes Atari 8-bit 400/800) cartridges and manuals. Includes a photo gallery 8-bit and online arcade.
  • Atari 8-bit Developers Page - Atari 8-bit technical information about operating systems, 6502 8-bit opcodes, and atari programming languages.
  • Satantronic Atari Crew - Demo group on Atari XL/XE and Falcon 030.
  • Raf's Atari 8-bit page - Over 300 links to all things Atari 8-bit systems - both systems for emulators and the real thing. systems Ramdrive 1.0 ramdisk available systems for downloading also.
  • Best Electronics - One of the Oldest Atari companies in the world. 4,000+ Atari factory OEM replacement parts, Atari 8 bit software and hardware, 17+ years of Atari technical and repair Information.
  • APE - Atari Peripheral Emulator - APE unleashes the power of your Atari 8 Bit computer, by making all the resources of your PC available for its use. Using only an inexpensive PC to Atari interface cable, APE provides super enhanced disk drive, modem, printer, ApeLoader Interactive Menu,
  • Atari Planet - Resource for Atari 8-bit computers with FAQs, files, and discussion atari board.
  • The Atari 8-bit Computer Webring - Webring for Atari 8-bit range of computers, ranging systems from the systems Atari 400 to the 130XE and systems anything in between. systems Includes the emulation of systems these computers and peripherals.

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