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Wide variety of shareware items to download for your Newton or Palm device, well over 30 different packages to choose from.

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See Also:
  • 40Hz - Home of Raissa (RSS reader), MAD Max (MP3 handhelds player), The Fish (Notes encryption) and other open handhelds source Newton software.
  • Newton SimpleMail - A POP/SMTP program allowing users to access and software respond to handhelds email using just their Apple Newton.
  • Innovative Computer Solutions - Various shareware and freeware programs for the Newton.
  • Lunatech Research - Home of LunaSuite Pro, a set of internet handhelds connection utilities software for the Newton.
  • Catamount Software's Home Page - Wide variety of shareware items to download for your Newton handhelds or Palm device, well over 30 different packages to choose handhelds from.
  • The Paperback Page - Paperback lets you take pure text files and software quickly put newton them on your Newton device -- software for free.
  • The Revelar Connection Utilities - An alternative to the Newton Connection Utilities for the Apple newton Macintosh. Revelar Connection Utilities allows you to edit data stored newton on the Newton and supports third-party programs.
  • Adam Tow's Newton Site - Home to quite a nice selection of Newton software software (mostly free) ranging from nBattleship to Mapper software to Hypernewt.
  • SilverWARE Software - Publisher of software for PalmOS and Newton.
  • Newton Tracker - Home to the Newton Personal Data Sharing (NPDS) webserver software for the Newton.
  • Leverage Database - Powerful, easy to use database makes the Newton handhelds almost indispensable.
  • Newton Archives - A well organized selection of Newton software ranging from backdrops newton to medical to travel packages.
  • Stand Alone - Offers handheld software.
  • Sarofax - Home of PowerSet and ShowMate. Software is software now sold as freeware or charityware.
  • Newtendo Entertainment System - A Newtendo emulator for the Newton, supporting Mapper newton 0 and Mapper 1 roms as well as newton Keyboard support.
  • NS Basic - BASIC toolkit, combined with extensions to create a software complete development software and runtime environment.
  • Foundation Systems - Provides a selection of freeware Newton software.
  • PDA Soft - Home to various freeware Newton programs and tutorials software for rebuilding handhelds your Apple Newton and accessories.
  • Config Informationstechnik eG - Provides freeware with packages from battery tracking to backdrops.
  • Currency Updater - Software by Christian Fiutak that\\'s updates daily, Currency newton Updater features currency exchange rates using the time newton zones application and support emails.
  • VisualNewt Software - Home to some recently released freeware packages for software the Newton; weather programs, and time synchronization.
  • UnixNPI - Closed source package installer for Unix Platforms

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