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A variety of cables and adapters for Palm PDAs, including modem, hotsync, nullmodem and specialty adapters. Custom made products are available too.

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  • - Find parts, service, accessories, upgrades, screen repair, and handhelds color cases.
  • ARM Station - PDA accessories including GPS, screen protectors, and software.
  • Syncable Solutions - A variety of cables and adapters for Palm handhelds PDAs, including palm os modem, hotsync, nullmodem and specialty adapters. handhelds Custom made products are palm os available too.
  • Datastick Systems, Inc. - Data acquisition in the field with the Datastick Data Acquisition accessories System.
  • - Custom leather, metal and flip-top cases, and accessories.
  • - Parts, service, accessories screen repairs, sync cables, and accessories motherboards.
  • BoxWave - Sells the MiniSync, an all in one cable that provides palm os both data sync capabilities, and also charges your PDA.
  • Incipio Technologies, Inc. - PDA accessories including cases, screen protectors, keyboards, palm os cables, accessories chargers, and cradles.
  • Handheld Printing Solutions - Allows printing from a Palm device using infrared accessories or the included serial cable.
  • Tech Center Labs - Producer of interesting PalmPilot peripherals including the LED Talelights and Talevib vibrators.
  • Javo Edge - Accessories for all Palm and Pocket PC devices, palm os retractable ear phones. Home to the JAVOSkin skin palm os case and crystal JAVO ClearCase.

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