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The operating system of the Palm connected organizers, the Palm OS, has been licensed by a number of manufactures for use in other devices, including organizers and cellphones.

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Palm OS Devices* - Listing of currently manufactured Palm OS devices provided by PalmSource, the company behind Palm OS.

  • Handera - Handera develop standard and higher resolution Palm OS devices. The devices use either CompactFlash or SecureDigital cards for offline storage.
  • treocentral - Product reviews and discussion forum for Handspring Treo owners.
  • Fossil - Wrist watch which runs the Palm OS.
  • Fossil Palm PDA - A wristwatch that runs Palm OS 4.1.
  • Everything Treo - A resource center for the PalmOne Treo smartphone. Includes news, devices reviews, tips, discussion forums and software downloads.
  • Palm - Palm manufacture a wide variety of Palm OS devices. Recent handhelds Palm devices use SecureDigital cards or MultiMediaCards for offline storage. handhelds Palm used to own the supplier of the palm operating handhelds system (Palm OS). This is now supplied by a separate handhelds company called
  • Handspring - Handspring make the Visor and Treo ranges of palm os Palm OS devices. Visors use a stylus as palm os input and use Handspring\\'s \\'Springboard\\' slot for expansion. palm os Treos have a small keyboard for input and palm os use SecureDigital cards for expansion. A range of palm os Treos have built

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