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Editor's Picks:

DOC Readers for Palm OS PDAs Review* - A comparative review of all the major Doc readers and editors.

  • Memoware - Free downloadable documents for the Palm/Pilot platform.
  • DOCit - Lets you do PalmPilot DOC editing in the software editor of your choice. Uses external applications for software converting and editing. [Shareware]
  • Qvadis - Express Reader Pro DOC reader other pocket ready software applications for software Palm connected organizers and other handheld software devices.
  • Plucker - An offline HTML viewer for PalmOS devices packaged palm os with palm os UNIX, Windows, and MacOS conduits and tools. palm os Supports clickable palm os images, italics, multiple databases, configurable display palm os parameters and stylus palm os options, compression, Perl and Python palm os conduits and pars
  • GutenPalm - A zTXT document reader. Full suite of features including invert, rotate, justify, autoscroll, fonts and better compression than DOC. Supports bookmarks and annotations too.

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