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The original, it created the concept of hacks; think of it as a control panel for PalmOS system extensions. [Shareware]

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Editor's Picks:

X-Master* - A free compatible Hackmaster replacement. Offers technical and user interface improvements.
DaggerWare's HackMaster* - The original, it created the concept of hacks; think of it as a control panel for PalmOS system extensions. [Shareware]

  • App/DA Launcher - A hack to let you launch Desk Accessories (DA) and software Palm applications. Freeware
  • ClearHack - Removes the dotted underlining from all multi-line fields, palm os such palm os as in MemoPad. By Neal Bridges. [Shareware]
  • GlowHack - Automatically turns on the backlight whenever you turn on your hacks PalmPilot or between the times you specify. Freeware.
  • ScreenShot Hack - Captures the current screen of any application on software your PalmPilot software to a Windows BMP with a software single stroke. [Shareware]
  • TealMaster - An enhanced Hackmaster-compatible system extensions manager. Supports advanced palm os features such as multiple profiles, hack priorities, delete-protection, palm os timed automatic enable after reset, and hack status palm os and analysis tools. [Shareware]
  • Crash Hack - Automatically resets your Palm on most fatal error software conditions. Very useful if you test a software lot of Palm software. Freeware.
  • FindHack and SymbolHack - Features FindHack tool which remembers the last 6 hacks searches, allows hacks configuration of 4 permanent searches, and hacks allows wildcard characters. SymbolHack hacks allows access hard-to-write symbols hacks from a keyboard. By Florent Pillet. hacks Shareware.
  • Open Logo Hack - A program to display images (BW, grayscale, or palm os color) palm os every time your Palm Pilot is turned palm os on. palm os Includes a tool to create palm os the image databases. palm os [Open Source]
  • MenuHack v1.2 - Lets you click on the titlebar of a software PalmOS application palm os to display the application\\'s menu. Works software the same as pushing palm os the menu button, but software is much more intuitive to PC/Mac palm os users.
  • Swipe Hack - Assign up to 7 pen strokes to launch software your favorite apps, Desk Accessories (DA), or built-in software functions. Freeware.
  • BatteryMonitor, EcoHack, and Voltage Control Hack - BatteryMonitor shows battery power consumption and life expectancy. palm os EcoHack saves 30-40% of your battery by lowering palm os the PalmPilot system clock speed to 10 MHz palm os from 16 MHz. Switchable between normal and Eco-mode palm os with a stroke. VoltageControl displays a t
  • McPhling Hack - Allows you to quickly switch back to the palm os last-used software app or popup a list of the palm os most recently software used apps with a stroke of palm os the pen. Based software heavily on Phlegm Hack. Source palm os code available. Freeware.
  • CorrectHack - Configure a list of commonly misspelled words or abbreviations that hacks will be automatically replaced with the correct spelling or hacks expanded text when entered into any edit field. [Shareware]
  • PowerButton Hack - Allows you to select an application to automatically palm os run hacks when your Palm is powered on. Distributed palm os with source hacks code. Freeware.
  • SwitchHack - Bypass your Application launcher. Switch back the most software recently run software application with a single stroke. With software a different stroke, get software a menu of the software ten most recently run applications. It\\'s software like Alt-Tab software for the PalmPilot. [Shareware]
  • ClipHack - Eliminates the 150 word clipboard limit. Gives word hacks and character count when performing cut and copy hacks operations. [Shareware]
  • FlipHack - Lets you use your PalmPilot with the screen software rotated by 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees.
  • LightHack - Inverts the screen when the backlight is on. hacks On a palm os Palm III, when the backlight is hacks activated, the dark pixels palm os light up instead of hacks the background as on the Palm palm os IIIx and hacks V. On the Palm IIIx and V with palm os hacks this hack, the screen has a glowing background. hacks By palm os Neal
  • FontHack 123 - Replace the PalmPilot built in fonts with your hacks own in some or all applications. Source code hacks available. Freeware.
  • ShiftHack - Regain control of Shift. Eliminates PalmPilot auto-capitalization, and hacks maintains your software chosen shift-state between applications. By Neal hacks Bridges. [Shareware]

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