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Provides age-based normals including height and weight, vital signs, developmental milestones, lab values, and vaccine information. Screen shots, list of chapters, and author information. Shareware.

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See Also:
  • - Offers a variety of programs, including several coding palm os programs, software cardiac risk calculator, growth chart, cardiac surgery palm os risk, and software cholesterol calculator. Some are freeware, palm os some are demos. software Some require TealInfo.
  • Medical Eponyms - Database with common and obscure eponyms. Requires either JFile or a document reader.
  • Healthy Palmpilot - Collection of software, doc files, calculators, and databases.
  • Epocrates - Offers free medical PDA software including drug interactions software and infectious disease databases. System requirements, tour of software features, and auto update information. Requires free registration software for download.
  • - Free database of medical mnemonics, with abridged and software unabridged versions. medical Includes tour and help topics. Customization software requires free registration.
  • PocketMD - Patient database management system, with history and physical, laboratory values, software problem list, and medication list. Includes selected screen slide show.
  • Medical Wizards - Offers shareware programs for pediatric reference and calculations, emergency and palm os critical care drip calculator, and a poisoning management reference. Screen palm os shots, frequently asked questions, and company profile.
  • Riley Kidometer - Provides age-based normals including height and weight, vital medical signs, developmental software milestones, lab values, and vaccine information. medical Screen shots, list software of chapters, and author medical information. Shareware.
  • StacWorks - Offers ABG Pro, an arterial blood gas calculator; and Preg software Watch a due date calculator where results may be saved.
  • PatientKeeper - Data management system which keeps track of patient information, including software history and physical, notes, labs, tests, to-do, problem lists. Includes software demo, frequently asked questions, and security information.
  • Medical Communication Systems - Electronic medical record database. Includes demo, trial version, medical news, and corporate information.
  • WardWatch - Records patient details for use during rounds. Includes medical demo, screen shots, manual, and release notes.

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