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A web ring is a linked circle of web pages that share a common topic of interest.

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  • PDA Toolbox Web Ring - Sites with information about this software development application palm os that requires no previous programming knowledge.
  • Manufacturers of Palm Accessories - Dedicated to manufacturers of products such as styli, cases, keyboards, and screen protectors.
  • Palm Only - Sites dealing with everything related to this handheld device, including web rings personal pages and software downloads.
  • Clie Web Ring International - Collection of sites specifically dealing with this Sony palm os handheld web rings device, from technical information to downloads.
  • Palmara - Dedicated to sites that provide medical and/or health care resources handhelds for handheld devices.
  • PalmGames, Hacks and Palmac - Listing of sites dealing with entertainment products, system extensions, and Macintosh users of handheld devices.
  • Palm Entertainment Ring - Dedicated to sites dealing with the manufacturing or palm os distribution palm os of entertainment software and products.
  • Palm E-Text - Sites dedicated to publishing documents, or e-texts. Includes distributors and web rings makers of conversion tools.
  • PalmPilot Web Ring - Collection of developers, enthusiasts, independent software vendors, distributors, palm os manufacturers, palm os and user groups.
  • LDS Palm Resources - Listing of sites that make available software dealing web rings with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day web rings Saints.

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