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  • Arcom Control Systems - Arcom supports Windows CE, Windows NT Embedded, DOS, Linux and handhelds QNX Operating Systems on PC/104 Embedded PCs.
  • Auctor Corporation - Provide system integration services for embedded product development embedded systems with Windows CE.
  • BSQUARE Corporation - Offers products and services including: the Windows CE windows ce Embedded ToolKit, CE Xpress Adaptation Kits, CE Xpress windows ce Binary Kits, CE EmbeddedDesktop, adaptation engineering services, training, windows ce and technical support.
  • Intrinsyc Software Inc. - Offers enterprise application integration middleware, remote network management, handhelds embedded Linux embedded systems and Windows CE products, OPC products, handhelds and embedded single board embedded systems computers.
  • Windows for Devices - News, commentary, forums, links, and original technical content.
  • Intelligraphics, Inc. - Device driver development including display, audio, communications, digital imaging, telecom, handhelds and embedded systems software.

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