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P/PC software that keeps track of personal or business account spendings, calculates the account balance and supports recurring transactions. By Portable Projects.

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See Also:
  • Microsoft: Pocket PC - Official information site for Windows CE Pocket PC windows ce range windows ce of products: news, tips, downloadable software, vendor windows ce list, retailer windows ce list, technical support resources.
  • Z4Soft - Software for Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Windows software CE: PTab Spreadsheet, Z4Music sequencer/drum-machine.
  • Pedagog Ltd - A UK software development house specialising in Windows software CE.
  • Joe Blow's Windows CE 1.0 Software Archive - A site dedicated exclusively too Windows CE 1.0 handhelds software and the Philips Velo 1 HPC.
  • Cash Organizer-2000 - Software for financial managing, planning, prognosis and analysis.
  • PocketPC-Dev Mailing List - PocketPC-Dev mailing list for Windows CE, PocketPC, and handhelds Windows-Powered programming software and development issues, problems, and announcement.
  • SpareBrains Travel Organizer - Travel planning software for Windows CE, Pocket PC, handhelds and Windows. Organize trips by creating an itinerary handhelds from 17 different page types. Conversion, flight, rental handhelds car, and hotel. Free Demo.
  • sCan Easy - Bringing bar code and other Auto ID technologies to Windows handhelds CE. By Automatic Identification Systems.
  • BalanceBook - P/PC software that keeps track of personal or software business account handhelds spendings, calculates the account balance and software supports recurring transactions. By handhelds Portable Projects.
  • Ameranth Technology Systems - Creates customized systems integrating wireless, wired, and Internet technology.
  • Olive Tree Bible Software - Provides details of the bibles and study tools available for various PDAs and smart phones.

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