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  • Acorn News Service (ANS) - Fortnightly email newsletter with RISC OS-related news and risc os information, available in English, German and French.
  • Acorn Arcade - All the latest RISC OS news, the latest risc os games reviews, game support pages, interviews, competitions, free risc os games, and an online shop.
  • RISC World - CD-ROM magazine for all users of RISC OS systems computers. Published bi-monthly issues have articles, reviews, and systems comment. All software mentioned in articles is on systems the CD.
  • Foundation RISC User - The magazine supporting the RISC OS foundation. Supplied news and media quarterly on CD-ROM, Foundation RISC User is edited news and media by the former editor of RISC User and news and media has a focus on quality rather than quantity news and media of articles.
  • Drobe News - Regularly-updated RISC OS news and features site with systems many other risc os resources.
  • Qercus magazine - A combination of Acorn User and Acorn Publisher, systems Qercus aims news and media to offer a guide to all systems aspects of RISC OS news and media computing to all readers.
  • The Archive Website - The website of Archive Magazine, the subscription magazine systems for Acorn risc os users. Monthly discs accompanying each issue systems are available as free risc os downloads.
  • Planet RISC OS - News, reviews and downloads.
  • GAG-News - German Archimedes Group's official magazine.
  • BYTE Magazine Article - European Telecoms Brace for Change, includes section on news and media Acorn's new Galileo operating system.
  • Acorn Gaming News - Covering all RISC OS games and emulation news, this is risc os the longest-running Acorn games website. No longer regularly updated, but risc os has an archive of features and reviews covering all aspects risc os of RISC OS gaming.
  • Icon Bar - From the people who brought you Acorn Arcade, news and media risc os the Icon Bar has news, features and reviews news and media risc os of all that is happening in the RISC news and media risc os OS world.
  • - Dedicated to RISC OS technologies. News and PD systems software.

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