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Web pages containing links to, or downloads of, collections of RISC OS software.

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  • Paul Vigay - Shareware and freeware, including applications, games, utilities and collections communications software.
  • Neoklis Kyriazis - GPSNav, WacomTest, and flatMouse.
  • Squeaky Software - Various tools such as games, programming libraries or collections utilities developed by a hobbyist.
  • Zeridajh - Home of PackDir, Earthmap, GreyEdit, FileAct, DiscInfo, Modeinfo, collections ZIDEFS, awk, risc os grep, and sed.
  • David Sharp - Including TypeInfo, TypeFind, MapIt and Babe.
  • John Duffell's RISC OS Software - 14 programs that run only on RISC OS/Acorn collections computers.
  • Keith Gaughan's Hairy Happenings - Includes desktop utilities, programming tools, games and sound.
  • Nifty Software - Various utilities and a number of April fool software programs.
  • Bernard Veasey - Large collection.
  • Csite Software - Home for finished and developing applications.
  • TopixWEB - Wide range of software.
  • Alex Waugh - Home of Font sorter and ListFonts, and a PHP port.
  • 32-bit Iyonix - Database of software compatible with the Iyonix PC.
  • Ian Hawkins - Including an IRC program, morse code tutor, portscanner, webcam viewer, and UNIX ported utilities.
  • Tony Haughton - !POPstar, PreDeliver, rnews2ant, FrescoFilter, newsfind, and Netlib.
  • Michael's Software - Large collection from New Zealand.
  • Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen - Large collection of software - from audio, to web servers.
  • Carlos Michael Santill├ín - Various titles from Counter to Summertime.
  • Thomas Olsson - Includes AMPlayer, a freeware MP3 player, which runs software in the background and uses minimal CPU time.
  • Peter Daniel - QTM-Play, a desktop front end to the QTM risc os module, and backdrop auto-changer.
  • Alpha Programming - Freeware and shareware programs written by Marc Warne and Nicholas software Marriot. Includes AlphaSave screensaver and Isis spreadsheet.
  • Bent Brackes Home Page - BCache, SpriteARC, TekChoice and DetachEd.
  • XLCUS' Software - A collection of free utilities and puzzle games.
  • Jan-Jaap - Large collection, including an OMR form creator and software reader, mainly documented in Dutch.
  • Bernhard Walter - Various titles from printed circuit board design, to collections desktop games.
  • David Thomson - Internet utilities, including encryption.
  • Tim Howarth - Various utilities, including FlashMake for making custom ROM collections images for collections RapIDE cards.
  • Precedence Software - A collection especially useful for NC users.
  • Avisoft - Including task usage and comparing utilities.
  • Dominik Wagner - Various titles, including Sirtet, StopUhr and BulletFix.

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