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Repeatedly carries out a finger on a user at a computer. It displays the first line of any output in the bottom-left of the screen.

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  • GPS Navigator - Interface application for the Rockwell Microtracker(TM) LP GPS Receiver module.
  • inetd - Provide unix-style services from your machine.
  • Samba Server - Allows any filing system and directory path on risc os RISCOS to be exported and shared with Unix/Linux risc os and Windows.
  • SMSTrans - Send SMS messages to certain digital mobile phones comms and pagers.
  • Rio - Upload songs to your rio, from your RISC software OS machine.
  • g0pScan - Will reveal which ports on a computer are software "connectable" by software scanning through a prescribed range.
  • PPPServ - Modem emulator. Allows easy connection of your RISC OS machine to a PC, which "thinks" your RISC OS machine is a modem.
  • PsionLink - Link your machine to a Psion Organiser II.
  • DeskMorse - Morse code tutor with full features.
  • Z88Link - Link your machine to a Cambridge Computer Z88 software portable.
  • FreeNet - TCP/IP stack, supplied as a module which provides a SWI risc os call interface to the BSD socket calls, matching that provided risc os by Acorn's own stack.
  • Locator - Program for determining the Maidenhead and Microwave Locators from a risc os pair of latitude and longitude co-ordinates.
  • Smbclient - RISC OS port allowing sharing of resource over networks.
  • Caller Display 2 - Displays your caller\'s details the instant the telephone comms rings!
  • AutoFinger - Repeatedly carries out a finger on a user comms at a comms computer. It displays the first line comms of any output in comms the bottom-left of the comms screen.
  • NetGuard Suite - Complete replacement for the network filer. Offers numerous software protection, cosmetic enhancements and an application launcher. software PLUS NetGuard Spooler is a software printer spooler which can interact with NetGuard.
  • UnixServices - Collection of small unix TCP/IP services that run in the risc os background.
  • 65Link - File server for Acorn BBC B, B+ or software Master to comms your RISC OS machine.
  • VNC viewer - Allows you to connect to PC and unix networks.
  • BigBro - Network supervision of every machine. Can also be used for risc os distributed presentations.
  • ZeriLink - Provides fast file transfer via parallel ports. Runs under RISC comms OS or Windows/DOS.
  • SerialNET - Network system for two computers connected via their comms serial ports, allowing drag and drop file transfer comms between them. Commercial product.
  • rlogin - Wimp implementation of the Unix rlogin command.
  • PortMess - Network socket tester useful for finding bugs with risc os socket software handling.

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