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EasiWriter is an easy to use but very powerful multi-column word processor. TechWriter has all the features of EasiWriter with the addition of powerful equation editing.

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See Also:
  • TableMate Designer 2 - Latest release of the table designing program, from dtp Dalriada. software Packed with new features, and it dtp can even work as software a basic spreadsheet.
  • Aladdin Ghostscript for RISC OS - Fully-functional PostScript language interpreter.
  • PDF - Acrobat viewer for RISC OS.
  • Computer Concepts' DTP - Commercial applications: Impression Style, Publisher and Publisher Plus. dtp Utilities, and dtp a free version of Impression Junior.
  • XChars - Advanced character picker, from MW Software.
  • GView - RISC OS PostScript previewer, from MW Software.
  • Softease - Information about the commercial multi-platform Textease desktop publishing package. Downloadable upgrades for owners of previous versions.
  • CableNews Professional - Professional electronic newspaper publication system.
  • FireToImp - Fireworkz to Impression file converter.
  • EasiWriter and TechWriter - EasiWriter is an easy to use but very risc os powerful risc os multi-column word processor. TechWriter has all the risc os features of risc os EasiWriter with the addition of powerful risc os equation editing.
  • RISC OS Tab - A program to typset lute tablature by Wayne risc os Cripps.
  • InformED - On-screen manual editor and designer that produces complete stand alone manual applications.
  • Resources for Ovation Pro - A central repository for third party applets and other resources suitable for use with Ovation Pro, the DTP application for RISC OS from David Pilling. Includes a selection of applets, applications, colour printing aids, document templates and macros.
  • AntiWord - A freeware MS Word reader available for Acorn RISC OS, Linux and BeOS.

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