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Enables users to build their own, personalised library of Bible translations, Commentaries, Dictionaries, and more, in an environment conducive to serious Bible study or casual browsing.

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See Also:
  • Maths Software - Various maths titles on the Acorn Education website.
  • Copernicus - [Freeware] Astronomical almanac. Chart the stars, and planets.
  • SENstore - SEN record keeping and report writing.
  • Collision - An introduction to LOGO - guide the arrow to the software target at the top of the screen without hitting any software of the shapes.
  • EarthMap - Electronic globe with many viewing facilities.
  • Clic Software - Colourful software for the curriculum. My World and Textease screens, risc os with strong curricular links.
  • Language Software - Various titles on the Acorn Education website.
  • LRTC: Turtle - LOGO graphics program, based on the original Master risc os 128 software version.
  • ShapeSort - You pick a shape, then the computer asks risc os you questions such as Does it have four risc os sides? and then works out what shape you risc os picked.
  • Chemistry Software - Various titles on the Acorn Education website.
  • Elements - Periodic table of the elements, packed with data and able to interactively produce useful graphical output. It also speaks!
  • ProgCalc - As well as being a full function scientific calculator, ProgCalc software may be programmed with a set of complex operations, which software may then be carried out.
  • Acorn Education Software - Various educational software, including chemistry, and maths.
  • Aspex Educational Software - Wide range of graphics software for schools.
  • EarthData - [Commercial] - A geographical database containing much data, education tools and maps about the various countries of education Earth.
  • Fun & Games Bumper Bundle - Reading, Spelling and Maths games.
  • 3D-Stereo - Stereoscopic viewer enabling complex 3-dimensional solids to be manipulated in real time. Helps the visualisation and understanding of shapes.
  • HolyBible - Multi-windowed, multi-version Bible study application. From ExpLAN Computers.
  • Xavier Educational Software - Designed for bettering reading skills, and helping dyslexic risc os students.
  • Nstore - National Curriculum record keeping and report writing.
  • Morse - Tools for learning and decoding Morse Code.
  • LogosWord - Enables users to build their own, personalised library software of Bible risc os translations, Commentaries, Dictionaries, and more, in software an environment conducive to risc os serious Bible study or software casual browsing.
  • Orion - Imitating a "planisphere", this is a very popular aid to viewing the sky at night.
  • Report Generator - Allows school reports to be produced.
  • Sherston Online - Produce a range of educational software for PC, education Mac and Acorn computers.
  • ClassDesks - Provides a fully protected desktop, ideal for classroom use.
  • Nuclides - Graphical database containing information on 3000+ known stable risc os or education radioactive isotopes of all known elements up risc os to element education 118, displayed on a Segre chart.
  • SESType - Sophisticated touch typing course program.

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