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Provides somewhere where temporary files can be put. Drop a file on the icon, and a directory will be created with a name like 16Jun01, the file saved inside it.

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  • GraphFree - Stores the used space on your hard disc(s) and the software current time in a CSV file every time you run software it, so that you can create a graph showing how software your hard disc is filling up.
  • QuikBoot - Allows all the applications in a directory to be recursively filing systems booted.
  • Recurse - a utility which enables you to perform a specified action on a set of files within a directory structure.
  • DiscSpace - Graphical disc usage display, from MW Software. Shows software a diagram file and disc utilities of disc usage, displaying a bar software for each directory.
  • BackBoot - After 10 seconds of desktop inactivity, this program filing systems starts booting directories. This speeds up access to filing systems them considerably when accessed.
  • Temp - Provides somewhere where temporary files can be put. software Drop a filing systems file on the icon, and a software directory will be created filing systems with a name like software 16Jun01, the file saved inside it.
  • Spin - Allows control of ADFS disks, spinning up or down immediately or after a delay.
  • Finder - File search utility. Takes a (wild-carded) file name, software type, o creation dates and sizes; then searches software for matches.
  • File Types - TypeInfo provides information about file types; TypeFind guesses file and disc software utilities the filetype from the file contents; MapIt correctly file and software disc utilities types files with DOS extensions.
  • Each - Version of the unix find command, with extensions.
  • Locate - File search utility allowing objects to be found software based on filing systems a flexible set of criteria. Filenames software can include wildcards and filing systems matches can depend on software file size, modification date or file filing systems type.
  • Index - Disc indexer allowing catalogues to be stored and software viewed through an interface similar to the filer. software Searching is possible, even through whole collections of software index files.

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