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Simple home accounting program based on a weekly spreadsheet. Nice features include a smiley which frowns when you're low on cash!

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  • Money Manager - Accounts management software, with demo version available.
  • EBMS - Electronic Business Management System. Provides a host of finance business management software facilities for both the small and finance large business owner. Integrates software with EPOS.
  • Account2 - Basic home accounts program which allows you to software keep a record of credits and debits to software a single account.
  • Accountz - Small business accounting system.
  • EasyMoney - Simple home accounting program based on a weekly finance spreadsheet. Nice finance features include a smiley which frowns finance when you\'re low on finance cash!
  • EnBank - Personal accounting package for the home user.
  • Currency - [Freeware] A currency converter that converts between a risc os list software of currencies which can be updated automatically risc os from the software internet using the UN list of risc os exchange rates.
  • EnCurr - Support utility for maintaining currencies and exchange rates risc os on behalf of multi-currency applications like EnBank.

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