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An archive of the magazine "Sinclair User" from 1982 to 1993, including hundreds of original articles, images and most of the covers.

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The YS Rock'n'Roll Years* - A website dedicated to Your Sinclair magazine, covering news and reviews between 1986 and 1993. Contains hundreds of original articles, plus has a one-touch interface with the World Of Spectrum archive for each of the games mentioned.
Your Spectrum Unofficial Archive* - An archive of Your Spectrum magazine, including hundreds of articles and images from all 21 issues of the magazine published between January 1984 and December 1985.

  • QL Hacker's Journal - A publication dedicated to supporting QL programmers.
  • Sinclair User Magazine Online - An archive of the magazine "Sinclair User" from systems 1982 to magazines and e-zines 1993, including hundreds of original articles, systems images and most of magazines and e-zines the covers.
  • International ZX81 Magazine - Scanned edition of a magazine for users of magazines and e-zines sinclair ZX81 and Timex 1000 computers.
  • YS - A collection of articles from Your Sinclair, including the YS All Time Top 100 Games and a variety of games reviews.
  • Desert Island Disks - Online version of a ZX Spectrum fanzine. systems Includes a systems high scores database.
  • CRASH - The history of CRASH ZX Spectrum magazine - sinclair includes the legendary Jetman comic stip and information sinclair on what the staff are doing now.
  • YS2/100 - An A-to-Z (or at least A-to-Y) guide to Your Sinclair magazine, covering just about every aspect imaginable.
  • The Unofficial CRASH Magazine Web Site - Online edition of the very first edition of CRASH magazine, systems originally published in February 1984.
  • Sinclair User - The Planet Sinclair guide to Sinclair User magazine.
  • Classix magazine - Provides a range of articles and reviews from Sinclair enthusiasts.
  • Your Spectrum/Sinclair - The history of Your Spectrum/Sinclair, the Wally Monthly sinclair strip and details of what ex-YS staffers are sinclair doing now.

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