Software Sinclair Systems

Software for the Sinclair computers or remakes of them on other computers, or software to help using Sinclair computers which runs on other hardware. Emulators are not included here, but under Computers/Emulators/Targets/Sinclair.

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  • The Tipshop - A central archive for hints, tips, cheats, pokes and maps sinclair for Spectrum and SAM games.
  • Ozzy's ZX-BASE 98 - ZX Spectrum software database for Windows 95.
  • Earth Shaker - A collection of information about the Spectrum game software "Earth Shaker".
  • Spectrum Graphics Editor - Utility to be used in conjunction with SNA format snapshot software files. Allows the user to browse through the sprites, screens software and graphics from favourite Spectrum classics. (For MS-DOS, Windows software and Amiga)
  • Dizzy Games - Provides cheats and tips plus a wide variety systems of Dizzy-related items, including posters, comics, collectors cards systems and adverts.
  • Sabre Wulf - PC-based remake of the classic Ultimate game.
  • The Best of Spectrum Games - A personal toplist of favourite Sinclair Spectrum games, systems with screenshots sinclair and commentary.
  • The Spectrum Games Database - Gigantic downloadable database of thousands of Spectrum games, demos and other programs. For DOS-compatible systems.

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