Z88 Sinclair Systems

About the Z88 portable computer made by Sir Clive.

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  • RWAP Software - Retailers of software and accessories for the Science of Cambridge Z88.
  • Cambridge Computer Z88 - A smallish collection of Z88 software with miscellaneous sinclair documentation on systems the machine.
  • John Allen's Z88 Bits - Articles and software for linking the Z88 and BBC Micro systems or Risc OS machines. Includes a useful introduction and systems a FAQ.
  • Z88DK Sprite Editor - A sprite editor for use with z88dk (the Z88 Developer sinclair Kit).
  • Z88 Development Kit - Home of a small C+ compiler for Z80 sinclair based machines. z88 Has binaries for DOS and Windows.
  • The Cambridge Z88 Resources Page - A short list of links to other Z88 sites, plus Z88Serve, a productivity tool developed by the author.
  • Z88 - Planet Sinclair - Information, photos and resources for the Cambridge Computer sinclair Z88.
  • rakewell.com - Suppliers of Z88 and PC accessories.
  • Running in the Dark - Instructions on file transfer between the Z88 and PC.
  • W.N. Richardson & Co. - Provides spares and services for the Sinclair QL sinclair and sinclair Cambridge Z88.
  • The Z88 Development Kit - A C cross compiler for the Z80 CPU systems with libraries for mainly Z88 but also ZX systems Spectrum VZ200/300, NC100/200 and other Z80 based computers.
  • Z88 Developers' Notes - Complete online edition of the definitive Z88 developer\\'s manual, originally sinclair published by Cambridge Computer in 1988.

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