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See Also:
  • Chess Lab - An online chess database of 2 million games.
  • Louis Kessler - Chess directory with links to primary computer chess sites.
  • BritWeb - Database of UK Chess and chess book links.
  • About - Offers chess resources.
  • Chesstown - Download of chess programs for different platforms. Links chess to sites related to chess and computerchess. Playing.
  • Mecca Chess Encyclopedia - Chess encyclopedia with information about chess players, events, chess and openings.
  • ChessGuide - Categorized links to rules, history, graphics, ratings, books, chess articles, matches, software, forums, news, sets, playsites, leagues, chess and tournaments.
  • The Chess Portal - A sorted and commented link collection to chess information.
  • Steve Pribut's Chess Page - Links to chess sites and resources, including software, directories chess servers, chess and frequently asked questions.
  • Free Chess Links - Links to various chess resources, including a section battle games for chess organizations organized by country.
  • FIDE directory - Directory of the world chess federation.
  • Clink - A collection of links.
  • Chessopolis - Complete directory with archive, books, clubs, history and chess computer chess directories links.

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