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Concise, step-by-step instructions that will teach you to play chess. Explains the board set-up, the pieces, strategy, special moves, and how to win.

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  • Chess Tutorial Page - Offers chess lessons, instruction for beginner and intermediate education players.
  • A Beginner's Garden of Chess Openings - Illustrated examples of mainline openings.
  • Chintan's Chess Page - Chess problems, openings and tutorials.
  • Adam's Page - Material about chess openings, openings statistics, puzzles, and chess an essay chess on how to beat chess computers.
  • Midwest Chess Academy - Chess lessons, games and links.
  • Learning Chess - Concise, step-by-step instructions that will teach you to play chess. faqs and tutorials Explains the board set-up, the pieces, strategy, special moves, faqs and tutorials and how to win.
  • Chess Visualisation Training - Free online step-by-step exercises which help you to increase your faqs and tutorials chess visualisation.
  • Checkmate - Educational webpage designed to teach people about chess. chess Supplemented by a glossary, forum center, guestbook, and chess interactive games.
  • Learnthat.com - A basic guide for beginners on the complex chess game of chess. It provides many helpful tips chess and teaches you the movements and openings every chess chess player should know with great ease.
  • Chess Rules - Explain rules, piece capture and movements, and board chess setup. Includes sections on tactics, openings and endings.
  • 50 Chess Games for Beginners - An interactive chess tutorial site for new players. education Includes faqs and tutorials chess openings, notation, grading, links and education a free competition. faqs and tutorials Requires modern browsers to education participate.
  • The Basics of Chess - Tutorials on three levels.
  • Chess Openings - Website with assorted openings.
  • Animated Chess - Includes move animations, wallpaper, animated games, and puzzles.
  • Chess Pages - Features mini-tutorials and downloads.
  • Grandmasters Chess Academy - Chess training, downloads, skill evaluations and improvement guides, and a education wide range of chess software and books.
  • Encyclopedia of Chess Openings - This site contains games downloadable by ECO code, A00-E99 most of the games are good, but you just have to keep your eye out for the bad ones.
  • A Chess Realm - A chess web site with free online tutorials, chess history, information and news, debate forums, product reviews and chess links.
  • Chess Instructions for Beginners - Appropriate for those seeking to learn to play faqs and tutorials chess.
  • Unusual Chess Openings - A collection of twenty of the most unusual chess openings chess around. Includes the Hippopotamus Defence.
  • Online Chess Coach - Chess coach will instruct you to play chess education better.
  • Chess is Fun - Clear instructions on how the chess pieces move.
  • The Orang Utan, Sokolsky, Polish... the Chess Opening: 1.b4! - The only page on the Sokolsky (also known as Polish and Orang-Utan) chess opening. Information on tournaments, CAP data, games, history and even facts on the animal itself.
  • ConradCHESS - Chess problem solving event with prizes, and links to free email chess clubs.
  • Chess Doctor - Free newsletter and tips for all inexperienced chess faqs and tutorials players.
  • ChessOps - A Basic Chess Openings Guide - Interactive study of all major chess openings, variations, gambits chess and defences, with over 5,500 illustrated positions.
  • 101ChessTips.com - A collection of short articles covering strategy and tactics.
  • ChessKIDS academy - Free online chess lessons and quizzes for kids. Resource center chess for parents and teachers.
  • A Beginners Guide to Chess - Made by Kirkules.
  • Internet Chess Page - Chess trivia, openings, and games.
  • Grob's Attack - Information on a chess opening. Provides game database, analysis, problems, and links.
  • The chess club of kwabs.com - Provides an articles on the basics.
  • Avler Chess - Online chess resource for learning to play chess, education learning strategies, chess buying chess products, discussing chess with education other chess fans and chess players.
  • Allexperts: Chess Strategies - Volunteer experts answer your detailed questions about chess strategies and tactics for free.

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