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Includes a variation of puzzles which involve placing the highest number of pieces on the board which attack the same number of squares.

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Editor's Picks:

Chess Puzzles by Grandmasters* - Contains problems found in games played by Grandmasters. Sorted by Grandmaster, opening, or year.
Chess Tactics Server* - Interactive site, contains over 20,000 chess problems, puzzles and members rated by Glicko rating system.

  • The Gorfo Pages - Problem archive composed by Göran Forslund.
  • Adam's Chess Puzzles - Problems for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players, in GIF format.
  • British Chess Problem Society - Oldest chess problem society in the world, contains articles about education chess problem solving, chess problem composition and home of the education publication "The Problemist"
  • Zchess - Features problems organized by type, problem solving tips and biographies problems of famous players.
  • Tim Krabbé's Chess Curiosities - Chess problems with narrative about how each came education about and education what really happened after the position. education For advanced players.
  • DHS Chess Problems - Eight problems with ideas such as Selfmate and Helpmate implemented. A description of notation is included.
  • ChessProblems - Interactive site, members can contribute and solve problems [Requires Java].
  • Classic Chess Problems - Two and three move problems by noted problem composers.
  • 132 Studies and Problems - Collection of problems in GIF format from newspapers and magazines.
  • Egalitarian Attacks - Includes a variation of puzzles which involve placing the highest problems number of pieces on the board which attack the same problems number of squares.
  • Mat Plus - Graphical Chess problems published by the Yugoslav Chess education Problemists Society.
  • Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day - Interactive Site, solutions are given the next day, includes archive of all past problems [Interactive board requires Java].
  • Chess Composition Microweb - Features problems from simple two movers to complicated chess compositions taken from positions in real games.
  • The Retrograde Analysis Corner - About retrograde analysis in chess which is a special category of chess problems.
  • Vincent's Chess Problems - Features chess problems in graphical format and includes a list education of books which contains chess problems.
  • The BDS Website - Offers information about the British Chess Problem Society problems and the problems British Chess Solving Championship.
  • Adaptive Tactics Server - Interactive site, features chess puzzles adapted to the strength of the user and other chess drills.
  • Patrick Corn's Chess Problems - Sixteen various chess problems and solutions, with text chess descriptions of the positions.
  • Chess Tempo - Interactive site, contains over 11,000 chess problems, puzzles problems and members education rated by Glicko rating system.
  • Solving Chess - Contains up to date results and rankings from education worldwide chess solving competitions.

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