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See Also:
  • Riccardo Andreis - Italian chess philatelic page.
  • Brian vs. Jake - Personal chess page tracking the games of Brian personal pages Bien personal pages against Jake Borsenik.
  • Nonna Karakashyan's Chess Page - Includes compositions, FIDE rules, games with a chess program, problems, chess and humor. Registration for chess classes in SchoolPlus in New chess Jersey is also included.
  • Confessions of a chess novice - Chess improvement from a club player\'s point of personal pages view.
  • Mike Serovey On Chess - The games of Mike Serovey from 1984 to present with diagrams and analysis, chess news and links.
  • A.J.'s Chess Page(s) on A. - F. - Information about upcoming chess events. Several annotated games chess and chess instruction.
  • J├ín Golha - My works, compositions tourneys, and problem chess magazines.
  • Jos' Chess Page - Information by Jos Heesen includes articles on female chess chess players personal pages and Jan Hein Donner.
  • - Features information, games, gallery, analysis, and interviews with people Alexander Morozevich.
  • Diebert, Chuck - A central Ohio, United States, coach and instructor personal pages with a "Life Master" title. A proponent of personal pages the Blackmar - Diemer Gambit.

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