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Rules, openings, strategy, rankings, and tournaments for a chess game in which two boards are used and four people can play.

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  • Bughouse Chess - Bughouse in java, for beginners.
  • Sjeng - An attempt to create a bughouse and crazyhouse variants playing program chess that can attain a level comparable variants to the best human chess players.
  • Bughouse in Europe - Information about bughouse and bughouse gatherings in Europe.
  • Czech Bughouse Chess - Includes a quiz, commented games, DoubleChessBoard and other bughouse chess software. bughouse chess In Czech and English.
  • Tandem Chess and Bughouse - Bughouse rules and strategy, as well as information bughouse chess about playing by email.
  • DoubleChessBoard - Software download for Bughouse chess.
  • Sunsetter Bughouse Engine - A program that plays chess and crazyhouse chess chess (single board bughouse) on internet chess servers, released chess under the GPL.
  • Bughouse Strategy from Errant Fischer - Top ten ways to tell you have a bad bughouse bughouse chess partner, and other strategy hints and annotated bughouse games.
  • Bughouse.net - Rules, openings, strategy, rankings, and tournaments for a chess chess game variants in which two boards are used chess and four people can variants play.
  • NonVi Games - Makers of Double Chess, a program for PalmOS chess and Windows for playing bughouse and regular chess. chess Includes product information and demos.

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