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Home of two player variants of Chess.

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  • Charlatan Chess - A variation of Western-style game play by using analytical strategies.
  • Star Trek Tri-D Chess - Includes rules, notation, and instruction book ordering.
  • 3x3 Chess - Analysis, problems, and discussion on nine-square board gameplay.
  • Stanley Random Chess - A grandmaster\\'s introduction for newcomers to Stanley Random two player Chess. Description, rules, strategy, history and links.
  • Dragon Chess - Description, photos, and where to buy this chess two player variant variants with a new piece, a dragon.
  • Arimaa - A game where two opposing teams race to chess reach the opponent\'s goal line. Includes rules, championships, chess news, and downloads.
  • Circular Chess - Uses a circular board. Offers rules and download.
  • PowerChess - Played on an eight-based variated board but with two player 66 variants squares, by Gerd P. Degens, Germany.
  • Millennium Chess - Played on a fifteen columns wide board with several rule changes. Includes rules, setup, FAQs, and ordering information.
  • Ploy - A review by Dennis Matheson of the 3M Bookshelf Game two player Ploy (1970).
  • Speed Chess - A non-turn based variant.
  • Kiassa The Game - Contains instructions and a history.
  • Dimensionalized Chess - Relies on regular chess rules and explains how the variants pieces move dimensionally.
  • Feudal - Peg-type board including obstacles and new pieces. Offers instructions.
  • Omega Chess - Has new pieces and movements. Includes rules, general variants information, purchasing, two player and tournaments.
  • World War Chess - Modern military game with rules and download.
  • Millennium 3D Chess - Three dimensional chess variant based on traditional rules. Includes rules two player and commentary.

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