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Andy Looney's and John Cooper's game Icehouse ("the 100,000-year-old game from Mars") is a boardless, turnless, abstract strategy game. An Icehouse set has 60 pyramid-shaped game pieces, five each of three sizes in four colors, and additional colors are available. Rules for well over 50 different games played with Icehouse pieces are available on the Web.

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Editor's Picks:

Icehouse* - Official site includes games and variant information, testimonials, FAQs, and purchasing.

  • Icehouse Handbook - Rules, strategies, and extras for the original Icehouse game.
  • Zendo Stones - Instructions for construction of stones with polymer clay.
  • Zendobun - Game variant using sentences.
  • How To Make Zendo Bean Bags - Instructions for constructing bags.
  • Gallery of Icehouse Pieces - Pictures of hand-painted xyloid pieces by Andrew "Zarf" icehouse Plotkin. Plus valuable tips on painting them.
  • Zarcana - A board game played with Icehouse pieces and abstract tarot cards.
  • The Martian Chessboard Section - A four player variant. Provides instructions.
  • Zendo - A game of inductive logic using an Icehouse abstract set. battle games Rules, strategies, variations, philosophy.
  • - A wiki for posting games, creating new games, battle games and battle games discussion of the game.
  • EZ's Icehouse Page - Includes several pages on pyramid construction for "pieceniks" icehouse (people who abstract make custom Icehouse sets).

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