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Checkers enthusiast Jim Loy has a whole book on checkers online here. Learn about the game, look at commented old games and read his articles on checkers.

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See Also:
  • World Draughts Federation - Presents statutes and regulations, federations and committees, and capturing games a history of the game.
  • Draughts Maker - A shareware web application to design draughts in abstract png or checkers jpeg format.
  • BBC News: Computers Crack Famous Board Game - Details of the recently-discovered exhaustive solution to draughts, abstract and the resulting computer program that can never abstract lose a game.
  • Grooves Speed Team - A "blitz" checker team that plays in Yahoo.
  • Checkers NetLinks - Annotated links to resources across the Web for abstract checkers and capturing games draughts.
  • The Checker Maven - Articles, book reviews, news, tutorials, games, problems, and capturing games features.
  • International Draughts - Features rules, news, tournaments, software, forum, photos, history, and problems for international draughts (10x10).
  • Jim Loy's Checkers Pages - Checkers enthusiast Jim Loy has a whole book abstract on checkers abstract online here. Learn about the game, abstract look at commented old abstract games and read his abstract articles on checkers.
  • Checkers Information at Board Game Central - Information, book, and links about the game of abstract Checkers, as checkers well as software for Windows, Macintosh, abstract and other platforms.
  • Science Magazine: Checkers Is Solved - Paper by Jonathan Schaeffer et. al. describing the abstract exhaustive solution capturing games of the game by computers, with abstract the result that perfect capturing games play by both sides abstract leads to a draw. (Abstract only; capturing games subscription required abstract to view full article.)
  • Little Polish - Brazilian draughts program. Features an artificial intelligence to play against capturing games and game analysis.
  • The American Checker Federation - Offers classes, tournament information, history, and news.
  • Checkerworld - Includes endings, problems, and news.
  • Checkers & Draughts - Checkers and Draughts, rules, champions, problems, famous players capturing games and abstract positions. World Championship Matches.
  • Rules of Checkers - Includes the rules of checkers along with a short history, some strategy and a bulletin board.
  • - A checkers directory with categorized links to checkers sites with capturing games rules, history, graphics, ratings, books, articles, software, forums, boards, playsites, capturing games leagues, and tournaments.
  • Danish Draughts Federation - Features a gallery of players, rules and strategies.
  • New Style Draughts - Contains rules of the game, and information.

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