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David King's collection of edge-connection templates. Includes basic templates for rows two through six, as well as ladder and bridge templates.

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  • The OHex Board - An interactive database of possible 11x11 Hex board abstract states that hex indicate possible winning or losing moves.
  • Hex IAQ - Answers to infrequently asked questions, by Bert Enderton.
  • Hex Template Library - David King\\'s collection of edge-connection templates. Includes hex basic templates abstract for rows two through six, as hex well as ladder and abstract bridge templates.
  • How to Make a Hex Board in HTML - by Jon Kleiser. Shows how to build a Hex board in HTML using a small number of graphic elements (GIFs).
  • Hex page at Cox-TV - Features printable Hex boards in PDF and PostScript abstract formats, as well as rules and basic strategy.
  • Thomas Maarup: Hex - Documentation on history, classification, and complexity.
  • Hexy - Features academic papers in PDF format and a hex Hex-playing program for Windows.
  • Hex FAQ - A set of frequently asked questions covering game abstract history, rules, hex concepts, and strategies.
  • Rune's Hex - Includes solutions and a history.

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