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Editor's Picks:

GNU Backgammon* - Free program that analyses your play, makes suggestions, estimates FIBS rating, and luck rating.

  • Snowie Professional - Tool that allows analysis of matches with a backgammon user-friendly interface and neural net based logic.
  • 3DFiBs - Built on the GNUBG engine and allows for backgammon online play software at First Internet Backgammon Server. Contains backgammon downloads, screenshots, support, and software common terms. Available for backgammon Windows.
  • GAMMONLAB - Freeware program for playing practice games and matches. Offers match software analysis and position evaluation.
  • MVP Backgammon Professional - Shareware program for windows with three skill levels backgammon and free race games online play.
  • MaxGammon - Shareware program with 3D color, adjustable skins, strong backgammon AI, network software capability and multi-language support.
  • JellyFish - A neural net based program that plays at race games a software very high level.
  • Romar Backgammon - Freeware program to play against the computer, or software against a software friend online.
  • Bgblitz - Professional Backgammon Software for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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