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Aide de Camp 2 (ADC2) is a computer program by HPS Simulations designed for playing board wargames by email. It has utilities that allow users to create an electronic version of the map, rules, and counters of existing games, built in dice-rolling routines and an turn replay feature. It is not a stand alone computer wargame, but does allows players to design their own games using it.

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  • Aide de Camp 2.0 - "Universal Boardgame Conversion and Assistance Utility" aide de camp Converts board wargames into a computer version for aide de camp Play-by-email (PBEM). Built in routines for common game aide de camp functions, such as movement and combat. Contains no aide de camp rules; you must own a copy
  • Lebensraum Campaign Headquarters - Player support for PBEM play of free ADC2 aide de camp Module "Lebensraum, the War in Europe 1939 to aide de camp 1950", designed by Terry Shrum.

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