Monopoly Economy and Trading Board Games

Includes a list of Richard Wilding's collection, as well as links and a wanted page for buying and selling items.

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See Also:
  • Monopoly Man - Presents a description of the game pieces, an economy and trading monopoly overview of the rules, and the game\\'s history. economy and trading monopoly Also includes commentary on variants, offshoots, and spinoffs.
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  • - Features calculator tools to determine a player\\'s net worth based on the properties they own, and also a tool that calculates the probabilities of landing on certain properties based on where the player is starting.
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  • Monopoly Lexicon - Photographs and literature for collectors. Also features an monopoly index of monopoly country-specific game editions.
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  • Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly - Includes land on frequencies, expected earnings, and payback economy and trading board games times.
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  • - News, merchandise, history, tournaments.
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