Settlers of Catan Economy and Trading Board Games

Settlers of Catan is one of a new breed ofsettlements and cities.

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  • Settlers of Cataan Optional Rules - A variety of optional rules to Settlers of economy and trading economy and trading Cataan.
  • Kulkmann's Gamebox - Descriptions and reviews of Settlers, Seafarers, "Stadte und board games Ritter" settlers of catan (Cities and Knights) and the Historical Scenarios board games (Alexander and settlers of catan Cheops).
  • Loose Bits - Variants: Land Shares, Blood Rules, Poor Man's Seafarers.
  • University of Catan - Scenario directory, FAQ and listing of available game products.
  • Intimate Settlers - 2-player variant.
  • S3D Connector - Online game finder and ELO ladder ranking for Sea3D Windows settlers of catan based 3-dimensional Settlers software.
  • KMWs Spielplatz - Description, review, pictures and diagrams of the Seafarers of Catan settlers of catan expansion. [English pages on a German site]
  • Siedler von Catan Variants - Rules for Siedler von Catan with two sets and with economy and trading Entdecker pieces.
  • Unicorn's Rest - News, variant games rules and site links.
  • Catan World - Offers gameplay overviews, strategy guides, and discussion forums.
  • Jon - English rules translation, English cheat sheets for German editions of the basic game, Seafarers and "Stadte und Ritter" (Cities and Knights) expansion set. Map pictures and scenario information for Seafarers and the 5/6 player expansion.
  • Yahoo Groups: Settlers - Forum for discussing rules, variants and strategy.
  • Constructing a 3D Settlers of Catan Board - Article describing using silicone molds and resin pieces economy and trading board games to create a hand-crafted board with a three-dimensional economy and trading board games appearance.
  • BoardGameGeek - Offers file downloads and reviews.
  • Globetrotter Games - Review with FAQ, images and rules.
  • Armed Settlers of Catan - A variant with military rules.

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