Wiz-War Fantasy Board Games

Wiz-War is a board and card game invented by Tom Jolly. The players compete as wizards attempting to steal their opponents' treasure chests on a maze-like game board. Cards are used to cast 100 different kinds of spells that attack the other wizards or perform special actions.

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  • Jolly Games - Tom Jolly\\'s game company, the official home of Wiz-War. Includes a FAQ with rule and card clarifications.
  • Wiz-War Unofficial Home - Contains rules, message board, card descriptions, and also reproduces the FAQ from Jolly Games official site.
  • Additional Cards from The Game Cabinet - A collection of new cards designed by avid board games players, and a PostScript template to aid in board games printing them.
  • Tom Jolly Interview - Discusses the origin and evolution of Wiz-War and wiz-war the issues involved with running a small game wiz-war company.
  • WizWar PnP Stuff - New spells, monsters, items, boards, and artifacts for the game.

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