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Presents a historical wargame of the German Army's struggle to defeat the Soviet Army and capture Moscow in 1941. Includes downloadable game components, rules, and game credits.

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  • Battle for Moscow - Presents a historical wargame of the German Army\\'s struggle to games defeat the Soviet Army and capture Moscow in 1941. Includes games downloadable game components, rules, and game credits.
  • Ba$tard$ Inc. - Offers a free satirical board game in which print and play international mega corporations use their power to manipulate print and play politics, the economy and the media. German and print and play English version available. Includes rules, tips, and hints.
  • Tik-Tak3 - A board game with infinite possibilities. Game rules games and some board games suggestions for alternate rules.
  • Printgames - Several small printable games both for adults and children.
  • Ancient Empires - Features a strategy board game for 4-7 players, board games where each player manages the military, political and board games economic aspects of their state. Includes rules, downloadable board games counters, and a color map.
  • Hidden Empires - A game for 2 to 6 players where board games each games player assumes the role of an ant board games colony.
  • Crosstown Games - Original board and card games to print and board games play.
  • Interformic Games - Offers several free strategy board games in PDF for download.
  • Minizoomerz - Downloadable game. Designer notes, object of play, tracks, and circuits.
  • Gale Games - Free, original, board games that use common pieces such as games dice, dominoes, cards, and counters.
  • BattlePlay - Features free downloadable games including Doubloon Lagoon and print and play Battle Platform Antilles. Also offers a "drawing board" print and play section for new game ideas.
  • Warp Spawn Games - Old-fashioned, low-tech, paper-and-pencil affairs requiring some imagination to games create and games play. Only the rules are published.
  • StapleWars - A dexterity and strategy game, using units and board games structures games of heavy staples. Includes rules and construction board games information.
  • InterSpace - A space exploration and exploitation boardgame for 2 to 4 board games players.
  • Invisible City Productions' Games District - Free board, card, and dice games in PDF print and play games and html formats.
  • The Island of D - A one-player role playing fantasy adventure card game and its print and play sequel (Island of D 2).
  • Micropul - Overview of this abstract strategy tile-laying game. Contains print and play print and play rules and variants, a FAQ, a photo gallery, print and play print and play printable tiles for download, and contact information.
  • Shaun's Free Wargames - Free table top war-games that combine normal war-gaming resources with custom paper models. The games include all necessary components, including miniatures and dice.
  • Hotspots - A free wargame that can be printed out board games on board games your computer and played at home. board games You can board games choose your own map, mission, and board games Force to use.
  • Game-It-Yourself - Regularly updated directory of free print-and-play games available on the web.
  • Swords and Sorcery - A strategy board game with Peasants, Guards, Warriors board games and board games Wizards.
  • Garry's Games - Free historical games: Henry VIII. Bloody Mary. Mesopotamia. games Richard III.

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