Variants RoboRally Racing Board Games

Lists sites that describe variations to the original RoboRally rules. Sites may contain utilities or materials to allow the variant to be played.

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  • Tor Gjerde's RoboRally - Describes a rules variant which adds bug, secret goal, and variants minor option card decks. Includes cards and rules.
  • Richard's RoboRally Resource - Features FAQ covering rules, variants, and rule misconceptions, and rules roborally for IceRoboRally and RoboBall variants.
  • RenĂ©'s RoboRally - Contains rule variants and tips for RoboRugby, simultaneous roborally laser fire, variants and virtual robots, and a javascript roborally turn timer.
  • Amigo Rules - Includes a translation of the rules of the roborally German version, roborally by Mik Svellov.
  • Steffan O'Sullivan's RoboRally Variants - Includes rule variants covering setup, option cards, random \'bots, pit hatches, portals, and non-race games.

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