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Archives of articles from a monthly board game publication that ceased publication in October 2005. Articles cover subjects like game strategy, board game awards and convention reports, and the business of board game design.

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BoardGameGeek* - A database of player reviews, session reports, images, and news.
A History of Traditional Board Games* - Contains information on old traditional board games.

  • Solo Board Games - Describes board games meant for a single player. Also features multiplayer games with solo scenarios. Covers multiple genres, including wargames, historical, fantasy, science fiction, and sports.
  • Avalon Hill Reliability, Experience and Ability Scoring System - Rankings for players in around 200 different games resources (primarily wargames).
  • Spielboy - Quarterly boardgaming magazine featuring games, session report generator, and pictorials.
  • Two Player Games - Lists board games that are playable by two board games players. Lists are sub-divided into games that are board games multiplayer but can be played by only two board games players and games that are specifically designed for board games two players only.
  • Larrigoni 3M Games - Features photos of a personal collection of 3M board games. Photos are categorized by game type.
  • Brikker & Brett - Offers pictures and descriptions of board and card games.
  • Brett and Board - Presents information and news about German family board board games games.
  • The Game Cabinet - A monthly magazine covering board and card games with an board games emphasis on the European games scene. Each issue features reviews, board games original games, surveys of traditional games, and rule translations for board games new Eurogames.
  • Kulkmann's [email protected] - Covers on old and new German and English resources boardgames. Features resources articles about Games Workshop, Talisman, Tolkien resources boardgames, the SPIEL convention resources at Essen and others.
  • Globetrotter Games - Categorized directory of board games. Includes game descriptions and rules. board games Swedish/English.
  • Games Information Depot - Rules for and histories of multiple games. Also includes details board games about starting a collection.
  • The Board Game Designers Forum - Forum for board game designers. Includes downloadable resources and game design journals.
  • Spotlight on Games - Errata, variants, analysis, rules summaries, reviews, charts board games and background information for a variety of board games board games and simulations. By Rick Heli.
  • Traditional Games Database - Alphabetical listing of traditional games. Listings include publisher board games and developer details, as well as the year board games each game was published.
  • Trev's Boardgames - Pictures, gamebox descriptions, and short reviews of multiple British, German, resources and American boardgames and cardgames. Also includes trip reports from resources game conventions.
  • Luding - Database of games that includes to reviews, variants, games and biographies games on the designers. [English and German]
  • The Games Journal - Archives of articles from a monthly board game resources publication that resources ceased publication in October 2005. Articles resources cover subjects like game resources strategy, board game awards resources and convention reports, and the business resources of board resources game design.
  • The Games of Bruno Faidutti - Game reviews and information from French game designer Bruno Faidutti.
  • The Games Forum - Features descriptions, rules, and variants for multiple games. Also features games a gamer database, articles, swap and sell, and online gaming.
  • Board Game Webring - Searchable database of places to buy used board board games games games and parts.
  • Dan Becker's Game Site - Reviews board, card and dice games. Also includes board games photos of gaming sessions.
  • Board Games Fan Page at Graceful Boot - Presents a board game journal, rules clarifications and resources variants, and strategy articles.
  • Yehuda - Board games and gaming weblog from Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Board Games FAQ - FAQs on board games from on Usenet.
  • Internet Top 100 Games List - A collection of board game ratings from users of
  • The Baldor Games - Directory of board games by category. Includes reviews board games and pictures. Written in English and Swedish.
  • A Board Games Database - A database of pictures, parts inventory, and rules details of American commercial board, dice, and card games.
  • Board Games - Features news, free games, articles, rules, and a board games discussion forum.
  • Game Zombies Board Game Review - Board game reviews from a private collector. Reviews games include a board games brief description of play, pictures from games the game being played, board games and a brief opinion games about the game.

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