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  • Roleplayer: The GURPS Magazine - An online archive of articles, adventures, and features from the car wars sadly out-of-print SJ Games magazine/newsletter devoted entirely to GURPS. The car wars complete (text) contents of the magazine's paper run is present.
  • Blue Room: Carmaker's Cribsheet for GURPS Autoduel - Rules that implement Car Wars vehicle design elements science fiction in gurps autoduel GURPS Autoduel vehicle construction.
  • GURPS Lite - A distilled, complete version of the GURPS Basic Set in 32 pages, available as a free download. Designed both for newcomers to GURPS and as a tool for experienced GMs to teach the game to others.
  • Steve Jackson Games: GURPS Autoduel - Official Web page for the GURPS Autoduel sourcebook car wars with gurps autoduel a few links and errata.

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