Play-Aids and Resources Car Wars Science Fiction Board Games

Variant rules, vehicle design programs and other tools useful for planning and running games.

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  • Gear Jammer Motor Works - A large collection of player-created vehicle designs and car wars arenas.
  • Headless Hollow: Boardgame Reference Sheets - A large collection of play-aids for several boardgames including Battlecars and Wreckage.
  • Lord Bosco's Chassis and Crossbow Rules - Rules and scenarios for low-tech autodueling with detailed weapon lists.
  • Jeff Barrett's Gaming Files - Excellent source of record sheets and charts in science fiction Adobe Acrobat and Excel formats.
  • Kannik's Games - Alternative weapon statistics and movement charts, all in car wars Adobe play-aids and resources Acrobat format.
  • Frothers Unite - Variant rules for damage, maneuvers, targeting and handling.
  • WormSpeaker - Customized rules inspired by the Mad Max series science fiction of movies emphasizing options for gasoline engines and science fiction faster-moving combat.

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