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This category is for online leagues, either PBeM (Play By E-mail) or IRC or similar services. Any league that is played via the internet, rather than offline should be found here.

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  • MBBL2 League - A PBeM Blood Bowl league with many rosters to choose online from.
  • Avi Stetto's Blood Bowl IRC Client - A free, downloadable IRC program for online play.
  • NAF World Headquarters - Online league and player resources such as a forum.
  • Donovan's Desk - A small collection of team rosters, images, and online other resources for the Lubbock Texas PBEM league.
  • Online Blood Bowl League - A league site with various resources relating to online the 3rd online edition of the game. Uses BBIrc online client to play.
  • Really 'Ard Blood Bowl League - Contains information concerning an online PBeM league.
  • FUMBBL - Fully automated league following the LRB ruleset using blood bowl the blood bowl JavaBowl client.

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