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  • Red Steel: The Battle of Kishinev 1941 - July 1941; The German Offensive rolls towards Kishinev, war and politics war and politics on schedule and thundering towards victory. But the war and politics war and politics Russians are ready to meet the onslaught with war and politics war and politics the T-34's of their Tank Army at Kishinev.
  • Red Parachutes: Soviet Assault across the Dnepr 1944 - An operational level game of combat on the Eastern Front avalanche in WWII.
  • Avalanche: World War II Allied Assault on Italy - Avalanche was the Allied codename for the invasion of Salerno Italy, September 1943. American and British forces attempt to force a landing along a beach held by the veteran German 16th Panzer Division, soon reinforced by other tough German units.

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