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Source material including custom BattleMechs, vehicles, aerospace, dropships and warships. Also features a planetary database, Mechwarrior listing, image gallery and news.

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Official Classic BattleTech* - Official game announcements and new product releases are made here. Source material for Inner Sphere houses and Clans including logos. Fan submission section for fiction, photos and links.

  • Fighting Pirannha Graphics - Produces officially licensed waterslide decals for use with battletech Battletech miniatures.
  • Battletech Universe - Features forums, an image gallery, and news.
  • Mechground - A compilation of all Technical Readouts published by battletech Fasa, FanPro battletech and Wizkids
  • P.R.I. - Presents articles, forums, and graphics.
  • WolfNet - Encyclopedia and timeline for the elite mercenary unit Wolf's Dragoons.
  • MegaMek - Online, open-source version of Battletech. Java-based.
  • Tim's Battletech Page - Features frequently asked questions, painted miniature gallery, fan fiction and custom BattleMech designs.
  • Yahoo Groups - Succession Wars - Discussion of FASA's Succession Wars.
  • Battletech HQ - Features pictures of miniature and downloadable utilities.
  • Land-Air 'Mech Factory - Showcases land air mech rules, designs and images.
  • Lords of the Battlefield - Focuses on custom miniatures and mech designs. Campaign board games and battletech battle scenarios and a painted miniature gallery board games are also battletech included.
  • Wolverine's Battletech - Maps, resources, and fan fiction.
  • Brian's Cache USA - A miniature resource site with photos and other battletech information on Battledroids, Unseen and LAM figures.
  • Marauder's BattleTech Web Site - Features background on Clan Wolf, the California Brigade, war and politics and Project Vanguard. Also includes a section on war and politics frequently asked questions and how to get started war and politics as a player.
  • Renegade Tech - An alternate damage system using the Renegade Legion board games graphical war and politics template damage system.
  • FanPro Commando Headquarters - Official site for game demo teams. Demo/event news, "Commando Quarterly" battletech newsletter and FAQ can be found here.
  • Optional Rules: Conventional Aircraft - Compilation of out-of-print conversion rules for Top Gun war and politics and AeroTech, using conventional aircraft.
  • Solaris 7 - Source material including custom BattleMechs, vehicles, aerospace, dropships and warships. war and politics Also features a planetary database, Mechwarrior listing, image gallery and war and politics news.
  • Black Widows Web Site - Features pictures of battletech inner and clan mechs, battletech aerospace fighters, board games and dropships. Also includes a brief battletech history of the webmaster\'s board games mech.
  • Chaos March - Features descriptions of the game worlds, custom designs, artwork, and war and politics a forum.
  • Inner Sphere Atlas - Catalog of the inhabited planets of the Inner Sphere.
  • Mordel Blacknight's Battletech Bay - Custom mechs, novel reviews, competitions, and online tournaments.
  • Dave Fanjoy's Mech Gallery - Features a painted miniature gallery. Also includes a battletech painting "how to" guide and photos of rare battletech miniatures in their original packages.
  • Group W - Homepage for the Group W gaming group. Also features art board games work from StoneWorks Digital.
  • Inner Sphere News - Presents product reviews and articles. Also features forums, board games polls battletech and pictures.
  • Panzerfaust 150's Battletech - Features desigsn, miniature photos,and personal photos.
  • Iron Mangonel Grind Corps - Presents the ongoing exploits of General Sol Bekken board games and board games his mercenaries.
  • Dropshuttle to Tancredi IV - Includes homegrown mech designs and optional rules.

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