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Links to local and regional clubs which offer face-to-face play on a regular basis. If no club is listed for your area or country, check if there is a national site or association under "Hobby Organizations".

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  • ARMADA - The Denver-based "Association of Rocky Mountain Area Diplomacy Adversaries" is diplomacy the largest North American Diplomacy Federation association. Includes a member diplomacy roster, an e-mail and face-to-face games list, and contact information.
  • Vancouver Diplomacy - Including players from Victoria, this group hosts one play groups tournament a year, which is the venue for play groups WDC 2007.
  • Oslo-ligaen - Local chapter of the Norwegian Diplomacy Association which diplomacy organizes games in Oslo, Norway.
  • Seattle Diplomacy - Boasts regular games and two annual face-to-face tournaments.
  • Minnesota Diplomacy Group - Information and e-mail list for face-to-face games in war and politics war and politics Minnesota.
  • Diplomacy Club Of Canberra - Meets at the Slovenian-Australian Association, usually on the play groups first Friday each month.
  • Helsinki Diplomacy Community - A very active local group, organizing monthly FtF-games in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Stockholms Dippyf√∂rening - Arranges face-to-face games in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Diplomacy Selskabet - Local club in Copenhagen, Denmark. Arranges 4 games a war and politics year.
  • Cambridge University Diplomacy Society - Meets every Monday evening at 8:30pm in the play groups Chetwynd diplomacy Room, King\'s College to play Diplomacy or play groups its variants.
  • Pennsylvania Diplomacy League - Offers membership, tournaments, and a player forum.

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