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It is topologically equivalent to Avalon-Hill's map. It is on a uniform grid with vertical and horizontal lines. All land regions are strictly rectangular.

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  • Realpolitik - A cross-platform tool for displaying, adjudicating and tracking games and variants. Features downloads, manual, and forums.
  • DAIDE - Diplomacy AI Development Environment. Developers\\' centre with war and politics information, news and download page.
  • Diplo - Diplo is an Adjudicator for Standard Diplomacy games. Diplo 2.8 is available for Windows 95/98/NT.
  • jDip - Adjudicator and mapping program that runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, software and Mac OS X.
  • Net'Mapper - A java applet to generate map positions from war and politics software internet judge results. Supports standard, modern and war and politics software youngstown variants.
  • David Norman's Diplomacy Pages - Mapper for Windows, MapMaker, variants, DipTimer and Diplomacy AI.
  • DipTool - Java programme which reads results from judges (or imports games software from and displays the maps. Connects to POP3 software and sends orders using SMTP.
  • Roy Addison's Diplomacy Maps - All of these maps may be used with war and politics Gary Pennington's DipChief mapping program.
  • A Diplomacy Map for Computer Displays - It is topologically equivalent to Avalon-Hill\\'s map. It war and politics is on a uniform grid with vertical and war and politics horizontal lines. All land regions are strictly war and politics rectangular.
  • Automated Online Mapper - Observes games and produces maps automatically. Easy-to-use web software interface. Powerful searches of the JDPR data software base.

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