Titan War and Politics Board Games

Java clone of the board game. Currently the game supports networking and can be downloaded for free. Site includes screen shots, downloads, and instructions.

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  • Bruno's Titan Home Page - Includes errata, character count, articles, strategy, tournament schedules board games and results.
  • TITAN Fan Homepage - A compilation of various resources and variants. Includes battle land construction kit and downloads of new battle lands.
  • Colossus - Download a Java version of Avalon Hill\\'s Titan titan boardgame. Currently "hotseat" play only.
  • Titan Play By Email - Every thing you need to play the game by email. war and politics Downloads, screen shots, and links.
  • Colossus Fan Page - Java clone of the board game. Currently the titan game supports board games networking and can be downloaded for titan free. Site includes screen board games shots, downloads, and instructions.
  • Basic Guidelines for Titan Play - A one page text article with beginner\'s tips for Titan.
  • Warhorse Simulations - New Balrog counters, new "Ent" creature, and TitanGM (Fortran UNIX program for moderating play by email Titan games).
  • MIT SGS and The Warroom | Titan rules - Variant rules where players can have Cosmic Encounter board games like titan powers.

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