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Published by Amigo 1998. Designed by Reiner Knizia. Original German name is 'Zirkus Flohcati'. 3-5 players for 7 year and up. The object of the game is collect many valuable Circus cards to achieve the highest points score. In the course of the game, cards with circus attractions are displayed in one row in the middle of the table. On his turn, a player chooses and takes a card from the row, either into his hand, or to form a Trio for bonus points. Before selecting his card the player may, if he wishes, draw cards and add them to the row in order to improve his choices. However, if he draws an attraction which is already in the row, he forfeits his right to take a card. The game ends when one player succeeds in staging a Gala Show, with one Circus card from each attraction.

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