Go Surf Special Decks Card Games

Published 2001 by Golden Seal Press. For 2-5 players. Deal five cards to each player, place the balance of the cards in the center of all players. Starting from the left of the dealer, the 1st player asks another player for a particular card, one of which they hold in their hand. If the player they ask has that card, they hand over all the cards of that kind to the player that asked. If they do not have that card they respond Go Surf and the player must draw a card from the center stack. If a player receives the card that they asked for from another player or the stack, they go again. If not it's the next players turn. Four alike cards are a book. Players continue to collect books until all the cards are gone. The player with the most books wins.

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  • Golden Seal Press - Go Surf is a colourfully illustrated deck of go surf surf card games theme playing cards. With cards like Drop go surf In, Nose card games Ride, and Cutback, play the games go surf Go Surf, Wipe card games Out, and Watch the Lineup.

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