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  • Alesia Software - Offers an online deal generator with HTML, PBN analysis and documentation analysis and documentation software software and replicator formats.
  • Convention Card Editor - Proposes free software to prepare convention cards in several different formats.
  • Bridge Analyser - Features hand dealing and summary printouts, complex biasing analysis and documentation trick capturing software of deals to analyse and graph bidding situations. analysis and trick capturing documentation software Windows.
  • Big Deal - Proposes a dealing program and presents its principles bridge and operation.
  • Online probabilities calculator - Allows the calculation of probable distributions from partial hand inputs.
  • SuitPlay - Proposes free software to analyse suit combinations play.
  • Dealer by Sven Pran - Proposes a freeware deal-generating program for Windows.
  • BridgeKeeper - Scoring widget for Mac Dashboard.
  • PS-bridge - Proposes PBN-to-PostScript conversion utilities.
  • Bridge deals probability - Features online computing of probability and download of analysis and documentation software deal simulation programs.
  • Free Bridge - Provides utilities, including source code, for PBN translation analysis and documentation trick capturing software and systems documentation.
  • Brenning Data - Proposes scoring, bidding, tournament and contest software.
  • Portable Bridge Notation - Architecture-independent universal notation for Bridge games. Standards trick capturing documents, databases, software.
  • Bridgemate - Wireless scoring solutions for clubs and tournaments. Australia.

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